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Which dog breeds were behind the most dog bites in Lincoln?

Dog bites happen all over the country, including in cities throughout Nebraska. Last fiscal year, well over 300 dog bite incidents occurred in the Lincoln area.

These incidents involved many different breeds. Which dog breeds were involved in the most dog bite incidents in the Lincoln area in fiscal year 2015-2016? The top spot was held by pit bills, with 46 bites. Holding the next four spots were: Labradors (33 bites), German shepherds (17 bites), boxers (13 bites) and Chihuahuas (10 bites). As a note, each of the above breed categories includes mixes.

An important thing to note is that, while some breeds had higher bite totals than others last year, a dog of any breed is capable of biting. Also, as the variety of dogs on the top five list underscores, dogs of any size can become bite risks.

So, whatever their dog’s size or breed, it is important for dog owners in the Lincoln area and throughout Nebraska to take appropriate measures to try to keep their dog from being a bite danger to other people. This can include taking steps towards keeping their dogs out of situations where they would be likely to be fearful, as a fearful dog could be particularly likely to resort to biting.

When a person is injured through being bitten by a dog of any breed, there are many concerns and questions they may have related to pursuing compensation. The guidance they receive when in this situation can impact how well-equipped they are for navigating compensation matters. So, taking concerns and questions one has related to legal matters connected to their injury to a skilled attorney can be a key step to take following suffering a dog bite.

Source: Lincoln Journal Star, “‘Don’t worry; my dog won’t bite’ is a lie: Fearful dogs always capable,” Nancy Hicks, May 14, 2017

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