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November 2016 Archives

Semi crashes: An ongoing tragedy

Nebraska drivers know that safe driving requires constant focus. A distracted driver can wreak havoc within seconds, particularly at high speeds. The risks of a traffic accident are significantly greater when a semi is involved because of the weight and momentum of the big rig.

Why work with a personal injury attorney?

Being injured can result in serious consequences, even after physical injuries heal. Victims often struggle with emotional challenges, mental trauma and lingering physical pain and suffering months and even years after an accident occurs. Some of these consequences may persist for years. As a result, a victim's quality of life may be impacted for life.

The importance of safely sharing the road with motorcycles

While traveling the streets and highways in Nebraska and Iowa, it's important to be aware of potentially dangerous hazards. In some instances, motorcyclists may be more at risk than other drivers. As such, bikers and motorists both have the responsibility of learning how to share the road.

Winter is coming - watch your step!

As the weather gets colder, personal-injury lawyers throughout the United States brace themselves for the incoming flood of slip-and-fall cases. Even considering the unpredictable nature of winter in Nebraska and Iowa, icy conditions can all too often combine with other hazards to cause serious injury.

Never say this to your insurance company after an auto accident

Soon after an auto accident, your insurance company will give you a phone call. You might still feel distressed or hazy. It's easy to say the wrong thing or divulge too much when you are not feeling yourself. Before this call happens, know that the insurance company can use what you say against you to lower your claim. It might feel like a casual conversation, but know that it is in their best interest to give you the lowest claim possible. Make sure never to say these things to your insurance company immediately after an accident.

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