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The importance of safely sharing the road with motorcycles

While traveling the streets and highways in Nebraska and Iowa, it's important to be aware of potentially dangerous hazards. In some instances, motorcyclists may be more at risk than other drivers. As such, bikers and motorists both have the responsibility of learning how to share the road.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation explains that a motorcyclist is not less susceptible to road incidents because his or her bike has the ability to perform and handle complicated movements. The visibility of a motorcycle may be significantly affected by its size. For example, an operator of a car or truck may not only have problems deciphering how fast a motorcycle is going, but that driver also might not even see the bike because it's completely hidden by a blind spot. Changes in bike speed may not always be obvious to other motorists, since adjustments can be made without engaging the motorcycle's brake light. Situations such as these may play into the fact that many fatal motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent automobile and truck drivers. 

The U.S. Department of Transportation explains that there are steps that bikers and motorists can take that may improve safety. Every driver should remain alert, use turn indicators, obey traffic laws, and never drive under the influence. Bikers should try to be as visible as possible by riding in the center of lanes and wearing bright colors. They should also wear the correct safety attire. Truck and car drivers should give motorcycles plenty of room on the road and pay special attention to the blind spots of their vehicles.

Unfortunately, there were more than 4,600 motorcycle-related deaths reported in 2013. However, if all drivers remain vigilant and focused on safety, many lives might be saved.

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