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Important safety tips for motorcycle riders

Many Nebraskans enjoy taking their motorcycles out on the roads. While navigating the streets, however, these bike riders may be more vulnerable to danger than car and truck operators. But, there are several riding tips that may help motorcyclists stay safe.  

Complex explains how bikers can prepare for a drive. It is important to have the correct protective gear. In Nebraska, the law requires all motorcyclists to wear helmets. Additionally, riders should wear clothing that is strong and manufactured for protection. This is because thinner material may easily shred and leave the body exposed and open to injury.

When it comes to the bike, the condition and pressure of the tires should be checked. The ability to handle the road may be negatively affected by a malfunctioning tire. The mirrors need be adjusted prior to riding, as it may be difficult to reposition them while in motion. Also, the drive system should be thoroughly inspected. If a belt, shaft or chain fails, it not only prevents the bike from performing correctly, it might result in an accident.

If the rider and motorcycle are ready to hit the road, Consumer Reports has some safety tips for the drive. Bikers should allow plenty of room for stopping by not following other vehicles too closely. When faced with hazards such as swerving cars, potholes and rocks, riders may have to engage in some speed adjustment or defensive driving.

Also, since motorcycle operators are more exposed to the elements, it may be necessary to modify a ride due to the weather. For example, quick speeds, hard braking and rapid movements may need to be avoided. Overall, motorcyclists should always try to remain extra alert and aware of both the state of the road and other drivers.

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