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Many worried about sharing the roads with autonomous cars

How the people you share the roads with act behind the wheel can have huge ramifications. Careless driving conduct by such individuals could expose you to serious accidents. The injuries that can come out of such crashes can be quite severe.

So, out on the roads, a person’s life can be changed in an instance by the behavior of the drivers around them. Skilled car accident lawyers can assist Nebraskans harmed by the conduct of another driver with the pursuit of fair compensation.

Now, with the efforts that are being made these days when it comes to autonomous car technology, it might not be too long before drivers end up regularly sharing the roads with non-human drivers. How do drivers feel about the idea of driving alongside self-driving cars? A recent survey indicates that many, at least currently, aren’t thrilled about it.

The survey asked U.S. drivers questions about their feelings regarding self-driving cars. In addition to finding that many drivers fear being in a self-driving car, the survey found that a majority of drivers have safety worries regarding sharing the road with autonomous vehicles. Of the survey’s respondents, 54 percent said they would feel less safe in relation to sharing the road with such cars.

What do you think sharing the road with computer drivers will be like, as compared to sharing the road with human drivers? What do you see as the biggest safety concerns as autonomous vehicles get closer to becoming a regular presence out on the roads?

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Survey: 78% of Americans fear riding in self-driving car,” March 7, 2017

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