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Rain poses safety challenges for motorcyclists

Among the things that can pose safety challenges for motorcyclists out on the roads are poor weather conditions. For example, rain can create a range of difficulties for motorcyclists. It could reduce a motorcyclist’s visibility, cut down how visible a motorcyclist is to others and create some very slippery road conditions.

There are steps motorcyclists can take in response to the special safety issues raised by rain. Among the things motorcyclists can do to try to stay safe on rainy roads include:

  • Slowing down to a reasonable speed for conditions.
  • Staying focused on operating their vehicle.
  • Exercising extra care when braking, cornering or engaging in other maneuvers.
  • Staying out of a lane’s center, but instead sticking to the tire paths cars have made. A lane’s center can have some extra slipperiness and instability risks for motorcyclists.
  • Keeping an appropriate distance from other vehicles.
  • Wearing waterproof gear.
  • Wearing high-visibility gear.

Another thing that can create safety problems for motorcyclists is other motorists acting irresponsibly out on the roads. Careless and reckless conduct by motor vehicles drivers can be especially problematic in rain. The visibility challenges and slippery conditions rain can create not only impact motorcycles, but also cars and other larger vehicles. When a car driver fails to respond to these conditions properly, it could trigger a chain of events leading to their car hitting another vehicle, such as a motorcycle. When a motorcyclist is hurt as result of another motorist acting unsafely in rain or other difficult weather conditions, they may have options for seeking out compensation for the harm they were subjected to.

So, it is vital for all motorists here in Nebraska to pay appropriate attention to the special safety issues raised by rain when they are out in rainy conditions.

Source: The News-Herald, “Motorcycle safety: Rainy day rides require different riding skills,” Kristi Garabrandt, May 1, 2017

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