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Report: Nebraska near the bottom for teen driver environment

Among the places teens can face significant dangers is out on the roads. So, there are many worries a parent may have when their teen starts driving. A recent report indicates that a teen starting to drive might be an especially worry-causing experience for parents here in Nebraska. The report points to the state being one of the worst places in the country for teen drivers.

For each of the 50 states, the report looked at 21 factors that touch on teen drivers. The factors were grouped into three categories: safety, driving laws and economic environment. From the review of these factors, the report ranked the states based on how good of an environment they present for teen drivers.

The overall rank the report gave Nebraska's teen driving environment was 46th. So, Nebraska landed in the top five for worst states for teen drivers.

Nebraska also made it onto the top five worst list when it came to the safety category, as it was also ranked No. 46 in that category.

While the state wasn't ranked in the type five worst when it came to the driving laws category, it didn't miss it by much. It was ranked 44th in this category.

The only category Nebraska wasn't near the bottom in this teen driving report was the economic environment category. The state landed near the middle in this category, getting a rank of No. 28.

So, this report points to Nebraska being something of a challenging place for teen drivers. What can Nebraska parents do in the face of the worries this can generate? Well, they can take steps towards teaching their kids the importance of safe driving and trying to equip them with lessons they need to properly respond to the safety challenges that can arise on the roads. What do you think are the most important safety lessons for Nebraska parents to teach teen drivers?

Another set of worries that can arise for a parent are worries about their teen's future if their child is hurt in a car crash. Skilled attorneys can advise parents of teenage car crash victims on what role compensation matters might be able to play in addressing these worries.

Source: WalletHub, "2017's Best & Worst States for Teen Drivers," Richie Bernardo, June 13, 2017

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