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Keeping game days safe out on Nebraska roads

College football season is now underway. For some in the Lincoln area and beyond, this means a chance to attend some of the Cornhuskers’ home games. Now, in the midst of all the excitement such games bring, it can be important for football fans to not forget to give traffic safety appropriate attention when to going to and from games.

Big sporting events, such as major college football games, can bring a lot of traffic into an area. Higher levels of traffic can raise unique safety considerations when driving. Acting irresponsibly in high traffic situations can have particularly severe ramifications. For one, it could lead to crashes where many are injured.

Being injured because someone acted inappropriately given traffic conditions can cause all sorts of difficulties for a person. What legal recourse they might be able to pursue to help with such difficulties can be an important thing for a person to discuss with a skilled attorney following being injured in a traffic accident.

When driving to and from Cornhuskers’ games or other major events, it is important for drivers in the Lincoln area to act safely given traffic conditions and to avoid conduct that could create major traffic dangers, such as drunk driving.

The Nebraska State Patrol is taking actions to try to help keep things safe out on the roads in the opening home games of the Cornhuskers’ season. Specifically, it is engaging in special traffic safety enforcement operations in the Lincoln area and the surrounding region for the season’s first three home games. What do you think the results of these operations will be?

One hopes that, this college football season, all football fans who take to the roads to see their favorite team work hard to keep the roads safe on game day.

Source: The North Platte Telegraph, “State patrol to increase operations during games,” Sept. 2, 2017

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