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Internal Bleeding can Occur as a Result of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Anyone who has driven a car or truck understands that injuries are a possibility anytime someone gets behind the wheel of a car. Even the most minor of car accidents can lead to serious injuries.

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Smartphone use has grown significantly in the US

One thing that has become common pretty quickly here in America is smartphones. The extent to which the use of such phones has grown over the past few years can be seen in a recent survey. The survey is from the Pew Research Center.

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The aftermath of a dog bite incident

A dog attack can be a truly terrifying and traumatic experience. There are all sorts of fears that may flash through a person’s head over the course of a dog bite incident. However, the aftermath of such an incident can have its own set of fears connected to it.

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Will trucking being a ‘hot’ job in Nebraska affect road safety?

States can vary greatly in what jobs are “hot” in them at a given time. Here in Nebraska, one type of job that has become hot lately are truck driving jobs, according to a recent NBC Nebraska article. The article noted high demand for this job among employers and strong competition for such jobs.

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Law puts new safety requirements on Nebraska landlords

Everyone wants the place where they live to be safe. How safe a person’s residence actually is can be impacted by many factors. When they are renting their residence, one of these factors is how vigilant their landlord is when it comes to safety matters regarding the property.

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What is the biggest cause of fatal accidents in Nebraska?

According to statistics compiled by the Nebraska Department of Roads, 192 motorists were killed in fatal accidents on state roads in 2016 through November. (A final total of 2016 fatalities in the state will be available later this month.)

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Drunk driving decreasing in the US?

A person can be greatly impacted by the decisions of others. For example, when out on the roads, poor decisions by others could end up subjecting a person to auto crashes and the major injuries that can come out of such accidents. One such decision is a decision by another driver to take the wheel when drunk.

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