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Report: 2016 saw an increase in traffic fatalities

How deadly were America’s roads last year? Well, according to recent estimates, 2016’s traffic fatality total topped 40,000 for the nation. You have to go back to 2007 for the last time that particular mark was passed.

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Should side guards be required for big rigs?

Many legal issues can come up in the wake of a big rig accident. This includes issues related to possible wrongful death claims. When big rigs and other vehicles collide, there can be substantial death tolls. The occupants of the vehicle a semi truck collides with can be particularly vulnerable to fatal injuries in such accidents.

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Properly placing blame in motorcycle accidents

No one likes to be blamed for something they weren’t responsible for. It can leave a person feeling like they are being treated incredibly unfairly. Now, there are situations where being incorrectly blamed for something can have all kinds of ramifications for a person beyond upsetting their sense of fairness. Sometimes, it could have the potential to have major financial repercussions for them.

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Report gives Nebraska’s traffic laws a low safety rating

Each state has its own set of traffic laws. One of the things that can have big traffic safety ramifications in a state is how closely the drivers in it follow these laws. Failure to obey traffic laws is among the types of driver conduct that can trigger major crashes.

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What are the most common reasons given for texting and driving?

Some tasks require one’s full attention. One such task is driving. Even momentarily taking one’s attention off of the roads when driving can lead to serious accidents. So, distracted drivers can end up doing a lot of damage out on the roads.

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