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Nebraska’s drunk driving laws among the nation’s strictest

Drunk driving is a major traffic danger. All states have laws against this unsafe conduct. A recent set of rankings on state DUI laws points to Nebraska having one of the stricter sets of drunk driving laws in the nation.

The rankings, by WalletHub, used 15 different measures to gauge how strict each state was in its laws regarding DUI.

In just a little under half of these measures (seven), Nebraska was in the top 20 for strictness. And when it came to the overall ranking for DUI law strictness, Nebraska was ranked well within the top 10. The report ranked the state as having America’s 6th strictest set of drunk driving laws.

What impacts do you think the high strictness level of Nebraska’s drunk driving laws has on overall traffic safety in the state?

Despite the major consequences associated with drunk driving, some Nebraska drivers still decide to engage in this behavior. Unfortunately, such a decision sometimes ends up having major ramifications for others. The actions of a drunk driver sometimes inflict serious injuries on other motorists.

There are many concerns a person can have when their life has been altered by a drunk driver’s conduct. One is how they will handle the financial ramifications of what has happened to them. There are legal options that victims of drunk driving crashes may be able to turn to for trying to address such concerns. Experienced personal injury lawyers can provide such crash victims with information and guidance on such options.

Source: KMTV, “Report: Nebraska has sixth strictest DUI laws,” Aug. 10, 2017

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