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Study looks at truck safety technologies

When a person is hurt in a crash involving a big rig truck, the period following the accident could be a very challenging one. For one, the injuries coming out of such accidents can be incredibly severe, and can have major ramifications for a person and their everyday life. Also, the legal issues related to truck crashes can be quite complex, which may cause a truck accident victim to worry about whether getting fair compensation will be possible. Skilled truck accident attorneys understand the challenges that can come up in connection to truck crashes and can provide victims of such accidents with strong and compassionate guidance throughout the process of pursuing just compensation for injuries they suffered.

The U.S. sees hundreds of thousands of big rig crashes a year. Given the major consequences that can come out of such accidents, an important question is: What can be done to reduce such crashes? A recent AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study points to truck safety technologies having the potential to help with this.

The study looked at four different safety technologies:

  • In-vehicle cameras for monitoring driver behavior.
  • Lane departure warning systems.
  • Air disc brakes.
  • Automatic emergency braking systems.

In the study, analyses were performed to make estimates on how much in the way of truck accidents such technologies could help prevent if used in all trucks.

The study found all four technologies to have the potential to help prevent accidents. In-vehicle cameras and lane departure warning systems were pointed to as having particularly high benefits compared to costs. The technology estimated to have the highest accident prevention potential were in-vehicle cameras. The study estimated that using such technology could help prevent as many as 63,000 truck accidents.

One wonders how widespread use of these technologies will come to be in commercial trucking in upcoming years.

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