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December 2016 Archives

2017 auto models see far fewer top ratings than 2016 models

Not all cars are the same when it comes to safety. So safety is one thing car buyers may want to give a close look at when deciding what car is right for them. Among the things such buyers might look at when trying to gauge how safe a car they are looking at is are safety ratings.

Unsafe driving conduct by truck drivers

When a truck accident occurs, it isn’t always immediately clear what exactly happened. Now, there are many different details about such crashes it can be important to pin down. This includes how the truck driver acted during the accident. These sorts of details can have various compensation-related implications for truck crash victims.

Falling short on sleep can greatly up a driver's accident risk

Failing to get enough sleep: It's something that has happened to pretty much everyone at one point or another. One might be tempted to think that missing an hour here or there of sleep really doesn't matter that much. However, what a person does when they are short on sleep can have some very big implications.

Important safety tips for motorcycle riders

Many Nebraskans enjoy taking their motorcycles out on the roads. While navigating the streets, however, these bike riders may be more vulnerable to danger than car and truck operators. But, there are several riding tips that may help motorcyclists stay safe.  

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