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Have you been injured? Are you unable to return to work and worried about how you will provide for you and your family? Do you need assistance in filing an SSDI (Social Security Disability) claim? Have you been denied an application and need legal counsel for an appeal?

Rehm, Bennett, Moore, & Rehm P.C., L.L.O., is ready to provide the legal guidance you need. Our law firm serves individuals throughout Nebraska and Iowa, including Council Bluffs, and has office locations in Lincoln and Omaha. We are an established law firm and a trusted source for legal representation, and committed to making sure that our clients get the compensation they are entitled to.

How To Determine If You Get Social Security Benefits

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are monthly payments that are intended to provide compensation for a person who is considered disabled and unable to work. If you are unable to work due to a physical or mental disability, it is a smart idea to speak to a lawyer about your options for Social Security benefits. At our firm, we will explain the differences in benefits and will assist you in filing your application. There are two main types of benefits, which are:

  • Social Security disability insurance: Commonly referred to as SSDI, these benefits can be awarded based on a certain amount of credit earned for prior work. This is not awarded based on financial need.
  • Social Security income: Commonly called SSI, this is awarded solely based on financial need. It is important to talk to an attorney to find out if you qualify for SSDI, SSI, or both.

Individual may be considered disabled if they are unable to do any type of work in the area that best fits them, and their total disability has lasted a year, or is expected to last for the remainder of the person’s life. A disability can be mental, physical, or a combination of many different conditions. There is no age requirement for SSDI benefits.

What If Your Claim Is Denied?

If you have recently applied for SSDI benefits and your claim has been denied, it is in your best interests to seek guidance from an experienced Omaha Social Security Disability lawyer. At our firm, we are very knowledgeable of the application process and know what information needs to be gathered in order to prove the extent of your injury. We will assist you with all processes involved in an appeal, and will strongly advocate on your behalf.

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