Trucker Loading Injuries Can Be The Most Serious

Every time a trucker opens the rear trailer doors, there is danger of injury from falling equipment or product that has shifted during transit.

At Trucker Lawyers, in Omaha and Lincoln, we have helped hundreds of trucking professionals obtain the workers’ compensation or personal injury compensation they need after suffering an injury due to loading hazards.

Was Your Injury Caused By An Unsafe Load?
In many cases, the pallets were not properly loaded or the equipment was not properly secured by the freight handlers responsible for loading. We file lawsuits against the negligent party responsible for causing your injury.

We Understand The Loading And Unloading Hazards For Truck Drivers

Our attorneys and staff place a special focus on protecting the rights of truck drivers injured on the job in Iowa and Nebraska. Backed by 90 years of combined experience, we bring integrity, knowledge and experience to every client’s case.

Our experience related to personal injury and workers’ compensation for truck drivers includes cases such as:

  • Head and bodily injury due to falling freight
  • Broken and crushed hands and feet
  • Injuries from slips, trips and fall accidents
  • Back injuries from lifting, pushing or pulling heavy product
  • Injuries suffered because of unstable or improper loads
  • Trucker shoulder, ligament, joint and tendon injuries from repetitive motion

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