Bicycle Accident Injuries Can Be Severe

We Know How To Properly Value Your Injury Claim

Many drivers in Nebraska and Iowa drive distracted or fail to adequately share the road. As a result of their negligence, others sustain serious injuries. Unfortunately, the injuries may be worse when the other person involved in the accident is riding a bicycle. This is of particular concern for the many children who ride bikes Blame may be unfairly place on the bicyclist by the other driver even if the bicyclist was not in the wrong.

You may need a lawyer to ensure this misplaced blame is placed where it belongs: with the negligent motorist responsible for the accident he/she caused. Misplaced blame is just one of many difficulties specific to bicyclist who share the road with large automobiles or trucks.

Because of these difficulties it is often necessary to seek advice from seasoned lawyers at Rehm, Moore & Rehm P.C., L.L.O. in order to ensure recovery for your medical bills, property damage, lost wages, pain, suffering, and future medical care. Injuries to children need special attention for a variety of reasons.

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