Trucker Injuries Because Of Heavy Equipment

There is nothing soft about driving a truck for a living. The rigs are heavy, long and too wide for the road. Every piece of equipment – from the cab’s front bumper to the trailer’s rear doors – is heavy and bulky. Truckers must deal with it all, and not without danger of suffering serious injuries.

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Truckers nationwide who are injured by equipment turn to Trucker Lawyers, in Lincoln and Omaha, for legal help with their workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

Some of the most common types of truck driver injuries on the job include:

  • Head injuries caused by falling equipment
  • Back, neck and shoulder injuries from lifting, pulling and pushing
  • Pinch and crush injuries from fingers and hands getting caught in equipment
  • Injuries to hands and feet while using heavy tools

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We also help dock loaders and warehouse workers who have suffered injuries using forklifts and other equipment to load semi-trailers. In fact, we have helped our clients obtain more than $100 million in settlements and decisions.

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