Steps To Take If You Are Injured Or Become Seriously Ill At Work

1. Report your injury/illness to your supervisor or company nurse. Also, tell your union steward that you have reported the problem to the company.

2. See a doctor for your problem. You have a right to see your family doctor. If you don’t have a family doctor, ask family or friends for the names of doctors they trust.

3. Tell the doctor you are claiming a work injury or sickness. Ask the doctor to send all bills to your employer.

4. Explain to the doctor and your employer how you were injured or became ill. Be sure to tell them details about the accident or work activities that injured you or made you sick.

5. Describe to the doctor everything about your injury or illness: where you hurt, how the pain feels, if your ability to move has been affected, how doing your work makes you feel, and so on.

6. Go to all doctors appointments and follow the doctor’s advice.

7. If the doctor recommends that you avoid doing certain parts of your job, ask for two written copies of the work restriction. Give one copy to your employer and carry the other copy with you when you are working.

8. If surgery is recommended, you have the right to choose your own surgeon. Your employer (or its representatives) has no right to insist that you use a certain surgeon.

9. If you are unable to work for more than a week, file a workers compensation claim. You have a right to be paid workers compensation checks.

10. If you have problems getting proper medical care or receiving workers compensation pay, contact a good lawyer who has workers compensation experience.

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