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The attorneys at Rehm, Bennett, Moore, & Rehm are committed to helping clients wrongful death & personal injury claims involving car, truck & motorcycle accidents and product liability

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Written Testimonials

“I would recommend Rehm, Bennett, Moore, Rehm & Ockander because they got me results.” – Eva K., client of Todd Bennett “If you do need someone, he is the man to go with.” – Gene C., client of Rod Rehm “The results I obtained from Rehm, Bennett, Moore, Rehm & Ockander were the best I could ask for.” – Barney C., client of Roger Moore “They were very helpful, they got everything done in a manner that was very professional, and they made me feel very comfortable about the situation. They were able to get me what I needed.” – Nicole G., client of Brody Ockander I worked with Rod for nearly 12 years; he was consistently passionate in the representation of his clients and a strong advocate for the injured worker. He is detailed, organized and thorough. I would recommend Rod and his firm for any workers’ compensation or personal injury claim. – Jodi Zmiewski, Interim Office Manager and Workers Compensation Coordinator at Spine & Pain of Nebraska Rod employs an extremely practical approach to his clients’ cases. He thoroughly understands the legal principles involved in the cases he handles and uses his expertise and experience in seeking the best possible result. – Walt Zink, Esq, Of Counsel at Baylor Evnen Law Firm I am familiar with Rod’s expertise as a worker’s compensation lawyer from being opposing counsel to him in numerous cases, and then sitting on appeals when I was on the Court of Appeals. Rod is a skilled litigator, and works efficiently and ethically. – Richard Sievers, Of Counsel at Perry, Guthery, Haase, & Gessford and Retired Nebraska Court of Appeals Judge

Case Settlements

$175,000 Jerry H. sustained a work accident when he was crushed due to falling bleachers that were not secured to his truck. He sustained several injuries to his head, eye, face, neck, shoulder and knee resulting in surgery to his shoulder and knee. The insurance chosen physician opined he could return to work some restrictions. The treating physicians opined he could not. The nature and extent of his injuries were disputed. – Jerry H. v. Don Hagan & Sons Trucking (Dawson County, NE resident) $275,000 Don G. sustained a work accident when he was required to stay in the trucking terminal to wait for a co-driver. During the process of showering, he slipped and fell on the wet tiled floor causing a traumatic fracture to his leg resulting in a crushed arterial artery which necessitated surgery. The employer denied that the accident was in the course and scope of his employment. The case settled via mediation shortly before trial. Don G. v. LeMars Trucking (Missouri Resident, Iowa Accident)

$132,500 Paula D. sustained a work accident when she slipped and fell. She sustained a low back injury which required care. The insurance carrier sent her to their chosen physician, Dr. Eric Martin, who said she did not have a work related injury and said she could go back to work. The employer terminated her shortly thereafter despite the family physician restricting her work ability. She required surgery which was denied. Paula D. v. Avera Hospital (Holt County, NE Resident)

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