When Does Hiring A Workers’ Comp Lawyer Make Sense?

As a general rule, you don’t need a lawyer as long as the insurance company is paying all benefits you are entitled to. However, you should talk to a lawyer if:

  1. Your Worker’s Compensation claim has been denied.
  2. You are not sure what benefits you are entitled to.
  3. Your employer or the insurance company is trying to pick your doctor for you.
  4. You have been contacted by a medical case manager.
  5. Your employer is taking more than 2 weeks to investigate and admit that your injury is work-related.
  6. You have missed more than 2 weeks of work and are not yet receiving benefit checks.
  7. Your medical bills are not getting paid and you are concerned about your credit rating.
  8. You are being forced to go back to work before you feel you are ready.
  9. Your employer is not honoring your work restrictions.
  10. You are making less pay after you return to work following your injury.
  11. A vocational rehab counselor contacts you.
  12. Your work injury is to your back or neck.
  13. The insurance company offers you a settlement of your claim.
  14. The insurance company tells you your case is closed.
  15. You are concerned about who will pay for your future medical care.

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