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Truck loads and their impact on traffic safety

Large trucks carry all manner of different loads out on U.S. roads. Whatever type of load a truck is carrying, it is critical for the load to be properly secured. Mistakes when it comes to securing a load, such as not using tie-downs properly, using damaged tie-downs or loading a truck improperly, can create big safety dangers on the roads. For one, they could lead to a truck’s load falling out onto the road. Another possibility is that they could cause a truck’s load to become unbalanced, creating the potential for the truck to become unstable as it moves along.

Truck loads will be getting special attention in a major inspection event that will be occurring later this year. The event is the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck. It is special period of commercial vehicle inspections. This year, this inspection event will go from June 6 to June 8.

It was recently revealed that this year’s operation will be giving special focus to load securement issues. One wonders how many load securement violations will be found in this year’s International Roadcheck. One also wonders if the event’s focus on load securement will lead to improved overall load securement practices by truck drivers and truck companies.

Load securement issues cannot only be a big deal in truck inspections; they can also be major issues in personal injury cases involving truck accidents. When an accident occurs out on the roads that is related to a truck’s load, how the truck’s driver and the involved trucking company acted in connection to securing the load could have impacts on the legal situation of the victims of the accident.

Being aware of one’s legal options can be critical following getting injured in a truck accident. So, truck accident victims may want to get a skilled truck crash lawyer’s assessment of what options they have given the relevant details of their crash (which could include details regarding the load of the involved truck).

Source: Overdrive, “Load securement to be focus of annual Roadcheck inspection blitz,” Matt Cole, March 13, 2017

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