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The upcoming solar eclipse and traffic safety

A notable event will be occurring in the sky over Nebraska next month. This is the solar eclipse. It will occur on August 21. Parts of the state are in the prime viewing path for the eclipse.

Why are we talking about the upcoming eclipse on a personal injury law blog? We are because there are some traffic safety issues that could come up here in Nebraska in connection to this event.

Not all states will be in the eclipse’s prime viewing path. Rather, Nebraska is one of just 14 states in this path. Among the things this means is that Nebraska could see a fair number of out-of-state visitors and some pretty big crowds in the time surrounding the eclipse. This could create some heavy traffic situations in Nebraska on the day of the eclipse and days surrounding it.

Heavy traffic situations can create some special traffic safety concerns. When drivers fail to take such special concerns into account when driving in heavy traffic, they could end up causing serious accidents.

So, how drivers who are out on the roads in Nebraska around the time of the eclipse act behind the wheel and how well they have prepared for dealing with heavy traffic conditions could have major safety implications. One hopes all such drivers will take proper steps to help keep things safe on Nebraska’s roads over the time surrounding the eclipse.

As this underscores, many different events can have traffic safety implications. Now, as many things can have implications regarding the overall safety situation out on the roads, many things can influence the legal situation of a person harmed out on Nebraska’s roads. So, explanations of what their legal situation is regarding compensation are among the things a victim of a Nebraska car accident may want to seek out from a personal injury in the wake of their crash.

Source: US92 – News Channel Nebraska, “Nebraska Set For Prime Viewing of Solar Eclipse, Which Means Increase in Traffic,” Baylee Vrtiska, July 24, 2017

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