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Many drivers think they can safely text while driving

Sometimes, a person’s views of their own abilities don’t reflect reality. One situation in which such a disconnect can be quite harmful is when a person is driving. If a person assumes they are a better and more responsible driver than they actually are, they could potentially pose a major danger to others, including motorcyclists who share the roads with them.

When a motorcyclist is hurt as a result of poor decisions a driver made, compensation issues can have considerable impacts on their efforts to put their life back in order in the wake of the effects of their injury. So, when addressing such issues, having quality legal representation can be crucial for motorcycle crash victims.

Among the false assumptions that could lead drivers to poor driving decisions are incorrect assumptions about what things they are able to do safely while driving. A recent Progressive Insurance survey indicates that such misassumptions might be very common when it comes to texting and driving. Engaging in texting while driving has many dangers associated with it. However, it appears many drivers assume that they are the exception to this.

Of the drivers polled in the survey, a little over a third said that they felt confident that they were able to safely text while driving.

Such confidence was especially common among respondents in the 18-34 age group. Around three out of every five of the surveyed individuals in that age group expressed such confidence.

Being “very confident” in their ability to text and drive in a safe way was much more common among male respondents than female respondents.

Why do you think so many drivers think that they are capable of safely texting behind the wheel?

Source: RideApart, “Study: Drivers Confident They Can Text and Drive,” Tod Rafferty, Sept. 11, 2017

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