Unsafe driving conduct by truck drivers

When a truck accident occurs, it isn’t always immediately clear what exactly happened. Now, there are many different details about such crashes it can be important to pin down. This includes how the truck driver acted during the accident. These sorts of details can have various compensation-related implications for truck crash victims.

Now, there can be challenges in determining whether a truck driver involved in an accident engaged in any dangerous driving conduct in relation to the crash. For one, evidence touching on this can sometimes be hard to uncover. Also, such evidence can sometimes be very time-sensitive, only being attainable for a short while after the accident. This is why having a skilled attorney look into the crash is something a victim of a truck accident may want to do promptly after their crash.

Given the significant accidents unsafe conduct by truck drivers can cause, one would hope truckers would be steering clear of such conduct. Unfortunately, there are plenty of instances of dangerous truck driver conduct here in the United States. This is underscored by a recent report.

The report is on an enforcement campaign that occurred a couple of months ago. The campaign was called Operation Safe Driver Week. It happened Oct. 16 to 22. The campaign involved the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada. The campaign focused on enforcement against unsafe driving by commercial vehicle drivers and drivers of passenger vehicles.

During the course of the campaign, over 20,000 citations and warnings were issued to drivers, with the bulk of them being issued here in the United States.

Over 11,000 of the citations and warnings issued were to drivers of commercial vehicles, like large trucks. What was the most common type of warning/citation issued to such drivers? Holding the top spot was state/local moving violations, which made up over half (56.7 percent) of the warnings/citations issued to commercial vehicle drivers. Coming in at second was speeding, with 19.6 percent. And, with 7.6 percent of commercial vehicle driver citations/warnings, failing to obey traffic control devices took the third spot.

Source: Land Line Magazine, “Operation Safe Driver 2016: Moving violations, speeding top list of violations,” Dec. 7, 2016

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