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Which Nebraska county sees the most auto fatalities?

Just as states can vary in how many traffic fatalities they see, so too can counties. A recent analysis came up with a list of which county in each state is the deadliest when it comes to traffic accidents.

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FMCSA opts to keep certain hours-of-service rules unenforced

Recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration made a decision regarding some controversial provisions of the federal hours-of-service rules for commercial motor vehicles. The provisions regarded what sort of break a CMV driver had to take to trigger a “restart” for weekly hours-of-service rules. The provisions mandated that this break contain two overnight periods (1 a.m. to 5 a.m.).

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Truck loads and their impact on traffic safety

Large trucks carry all manner of different loads out on U.S. roads. Whatever type of load a truck is carrying, it is critical for the load to be properly secured. Mistakes when it comes to securing a load, such as not using tie-downs properly, using damaged tie-downs or loading a truck improperly, can create big safety dangers on the roads.

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Many worried about sharing the roads with autonomous cars

How the people you share the roads with act behind the wheel can have huge ramifications. Careless driving conduct by such individuals could expose you to serious accidents. The injuries that can come out of such crashes can be quite severe.

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What Happens When an Accident Occurs in a Construction Zone?

All motorists are familiar with the feeling that arises when one is driving down the road and construction zone signs appear. The eyes may start to roll as images of losing a lane and long lines of traffic start to fuel the imagination.

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Car accidents, spinal cord injuries and lost wages

Among the injuries that individuals can suffer in car crashes are spinal cord injuries. Statistics indicate that, since 2005, nothing has been responsible for more spinal cord injuries in the U.S. than auto accidents.

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