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What Happens When an Accident Occurs in a Construction Zone?

All motorists are familiar with the feeling that arises when one is driving down the road and construction zone signs appear. The eyes may start to roll as images of losing a lane and long lines of traffic start to fuel the imagination.

Imagine this feeling coupled with the scenario in which the driver approaches the construction zone and the unthinkable happens. An accident has occurred in the construction zone. An accident that occurs in a construction zone can often be more serious than an accident that occurs on a “typical” road. Why is this so and what are the consequences of a construction zone accident?

There is a Greater Chance for Both Personal Injury and Property Damage

The first issue that people need to remember when it comes to accidents in construction zones is that they’re significantly more dangerous. There are exposed pedestrians who are focused on their job and not expecting an accident to occur. There is heavy construction equipment working along the side of the road. The road is uneven, leading to unpredictable collision if an accident happens.

All of these reasons can lead to serious accidents. Workers can get seriously injured in an accident. The driver can crash into expensive equipment leading to further injury and property damage. For all of these reasons, there are extra markings pointing out the dangers of construction zones.

The Penalties for Construction Zone Accidents are Stiff

Most people have seen the signs indicating that there are stiffer penalties for traffic violations that occur in a construction zone. The speed limit tends to drop and the fines will double. Many construction zones also have signs that indicate that hitting a construction zone worker can lead to prison time along with a significant financial penalty and a possible loss of driving privileges. While these penalties don’t always result from a construction zone accident, it is not unusual for people to receive a ticket for an accident. If this happens in a construction zone, the penalties are severe.

The Circumstances of a Construction Zone Accident Must be Made Clear

Because construction zones tend to be well-marked on the road with bright orange signs, the police, insurance company, and driver will all need to work hard to elucidate the circumstances surrounding the accident in the construction zone. Perhaps the construction zone was not appropriately marked. Maybe construction equipment was left outside of the construction zone. Sometimes, a construction worker left the construction zone to retrieve an item from their car. These are all potential reasons that someone might have an accident in a construction zone that wasn’t even necessarily their fault.

Because there are stiff penalties that could be tied to a construction zone accident, anyone involved in an accident in a construction zone should contact an experienced attorney for legal guidance. Both individuals who have been harmed as a result of accidents and individuals who have contributed to them deserve sound legal guidance in regards to this kind of complex and distressing situation.

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