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State patrol engaging in education efforts on teen driver safety

It is not uncommon for auto accidents here in Nebraska to involve teen drivers. According to state authorities, around one out of every five reportable traffic accidents last year involved a teen driver. This is despite the fact that only 7 percent of the state’s driving population are teens.

Traffic accidents involving teen drivers can have major consequences. They can cause teen drivers to suffer serious injuries. Also, sometimes, the actions teen drivers take leading up to or during an auto accident lead to other individuals getting severely hurt.

Various complicated compensation issues can come up in teen driver crashes. What happens with these issues can have major impacts for the victims. So, when a person has been hurt by the actions of a teen driver or is the parent of a teen driver who was injured by another driver’s negligence, they may want to promptly get guidance from a skilled auto accident lawyer regarding such issues.

Given the great harm that can come out of teen car accidents, teen driver safety is a very important topic. Among the efforts state authorities have recently been taking to promote such safety are educational efforts.

These efforts include traffic safety presentations directed towards young drivers. Reportedly, between July and September, 60 such presentations were conducted by troopers with Nebraska State Patrol. The presentations were on seat belt use and other teen driving safety issues. They occurred at many different venues, including high schools, high school football games and businesses.

Upcoming months are likely to see further such presentations, as the NSP reportedly plans to use grant funding it has access to continue its education efforts over the last three months of the year.

How big of an impact do you think such presentations have on teen driving safety levels in the state? What traffic safety lessons do you think it is most important for these kinds of education efforts to convey to teens?

Source: Fremont Tribune, “Nebraska State Patrol hosting driving safety presentations,” Sam Pimper, Oct. 10, 2017

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