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What are the most common reasons given for texting and driving?

Some tasks require one’s full attention. One such task is driving. Even momentarily taking one’s attention off of the roads when driving can lead to serious accidents. So, distracted drivers can end up doing a lot of damage out on the roads.

Distracted driving comes in all kinds of varieties. Whatever variety of distracted driving a person engaged in, when their conduct caused a crash, it can be very important for the victims of the accident to have an accurate picture of their legal options. Among the things a victim of a distracted driving crash may want to do promptly after the accident is to ask a skilled lawyer about their options and what they would need to do to pursue such options.

One type of distracted driving is texting while driving. Despite how dangerous texting behind the wheel it is, quite a few drivers here in Nebraska, Iowa and the rest of the country still do it. This raises the question: what kinds of motivations are behind this conduct?

The results of a recent survey give some insight on this issue. In the survey, over 2,000 drivers were asked various things about their texting-and-driving-related conduct, including why they texted at the wheel. The top four reasons given for texting and driving by the respondents were:

  • No. 1- Pressure to respond promptly to a person they care about.
  • No. 2- To make plans.
  • No. 3- A desire to not let too much time go by before they respond to a text.
  • No. 4- To get needed driving directions.

As this illustrates, the reasons that can be behind texting while driving can be quite varied. Now, whatever a person’s reason for texting behind the wheel, their actions could be exposing others to harm. So, it is important for a person to be aware of what things in particular might tempt them to text and drive and to think about what could help them avoid falling to these temptations.

Source: Digital Trends, “Fatal final words: Driver habits study shows most common texts before crash,” Bruce Brown, Jan. 27, 2017

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