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Pedestrian fatalities rising in Nebraska, U.S. as a whole

It appears that, in recent years, more and more pedestrians have been losing their lives out on the roads here in Nebraska and throughout the country.

Some preliminary estimates recently came out regarding pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. in 2016. According to these estimates, the U.S. saw nearly 6,000 such deaths that year.

This is an 11 percent increase over the total from the previous year. This would make 2016 the third straight year in which pedestrian deaths went up.

Also, the total is the largest pedestrian death total the nation has had in over 20 years.

Data also points to such deaths being up in Nebraska in recent years. Reportedly, the state’s pedestrian death average for the past five years exceeds that of the previous five-year period by 86 percent.

This recent trend of increased pedestrian fatalities underscores how catastrophic the results of pedestrian accidents can be. As a note, even pedestrian accidents that don’t result in deaths can have massive ramifications, as they can leave their victims with very serious injuries.

Their particularly high likelihood of causing major harm is among the many things that can make pedestrian accidents unique when it comes to traffic crashes. The unique aspects of pedestrian accidents can raise many special issues when a victim or their family is pursuing compensation. So, the guidance of a lawyer knowledgeable of the particulars of pedestrian accident cases can be an important thing for a person to have when seeking out fair compensation following such an accident.

Source: Omaha World-Herald, “Pedestrian deaths on the rise in Nebraska, Iowa and across the U.S.,” March 31, 2017

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