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Surprise vehicle inspections in Lincoln found many violations

Many things can impact traffic safety in a region. This includes how safe of a condition the trucks that are on the region’s roads are in. A recent set of surprise commercial vehicle inspections performed in Lincoln found quite a few safety shortcomings.

The inspections were conducted by state police on May 16. In total, 100 inspections were conducted in the city. The inspections were aimed at commercial motor vehicles that likely do not regularly encounter weigh stations.

A total of 336 violations were found during the inspection. Of the inspected vehicles, 41 were found to have safety issues necessitating taking them out of service.

The results of these inspections raise questions about the safety of commercial vehicles that regularly operate in Lincoln and across the state. Unsafe trucks can cause serious injuries. Do you think more things like last week’s surprise inspections should be done here in Lincoln? What are the best ways to combat truck safety risk?

In addition to being a general safety issue, the mechanical condition trucks are in can also impactful injury claims related to truck crashes. Whether a commercial vehicle that was in a crash had mechanical problems and what kind of maintenance the vehicle received could touch on important issues like accident cause and what parties could be liable for injuries suffered by victims of the crash.

This underscores how important it is to seek a thorough review of the facts of a truck crash, including facts pertaining to the condition of the truck involved, from a skilled attorney.

Source: Omaha World-Herald, “State patrol conducts vehicle inspections in Lincoln,” Emerson Clarridge, May 18, 2017

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