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Software problem leads to pickup truck recall

Computers have come to play a bigger and bigger role in cars. So, a car’s safety isn’t just affected by its physical aspects, but also by what software it has. Just like mechanical defects, defects in a motor vehicle’s software could potentially pose safety risks for those in the vehicle.

A software problem is a behind a recent major auto recall here in the United States. The recall is by Fiat Chrysler and it is of certain Dodge Ram pickup trucks. Included among the recalled vehicles are certain model years of the Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500. Around a million pickup trucks in the U.S. fall under this recall, along with some in foreign countries.

Will Self-Driving Trucks Make Us All Safer?

For all the discussion and debate about the advent of driverless cars, industry experts agree that driverless trucks are more likely to hit U.S. highways first, fueled by corporate America’s interest in cutting labor costs.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, Mercedes Benz introduced its “Vision Van,” a windowless delivery vehicle (except for the windshield) that uses mechanical arms and a drone to get packages to recipients’ doorsteps.

Dog bite prevention tips parents can give their kids

Among the things kids may encounter when playing outside are neighborhood dogs. Many kids love dogs, and may have a strong desire to pet dogs they come across. While petting dogs can be an enjoyable activity, it can also have its safety risks, even in relation to dogs a child knows well.

For example, sometimes dog bites come out of an attempt to pet a dog. It is estimated that the U.S. sees around 4.7 million dog bites a year, with over half of the victims of such bites being children under 13. Children can suffer particularly severe injuries from dog bites.

Rain poses safety challenges for motorcyclists

Among the things that can pose safety challenges for motorcyclists out on the roads are poor weather conditions. For example, rain can create a range of difficulties for motorcyclists. It could reduce a motorcyclist’s visibility, cut down how visible a motorcyclist is to others and create some very slippery road conditions.

There are steps motorcyclists can take in response to the special safety issues raised by rain. Among the things motorcyclists can do to try to stay safe on rainy roads include:

Keeping an eye on a teen’s driving through apps

Many things can be challenging for parents when it comes to keeping their teen drivers safe on the roads. One is getting a firm idea of how safely their child is actually acting when driving. This can be an important piece of information for a parent to have, as it can indicate what driving safety lessons it might be particularly important for them to get across to their teen and whether they need to make any changes in the driving rules they have for their teen.

While parents can keep an eye on their teen’s driving conduct when they are in the car with them, there traditionally hasn’t been a way for parents to easily get an objective picture of how their child acts behind the wheel when they aren’t along with them.

Autonomous vehicle technology and the future of America’s roads

It appears that the next couple of decades could see big changes to some very fundamental things out on America’s roads. This includes shifts in what exactly is controlling the vehicles that are on them. This is due to autonomous vehicle technology.

A recent study made some predictions regarding the future spread of such technology here in the United States. The study was done by the Boston Consulting Group.

CDL Fraud Cases Exemplify the Dangers of Rogue Truckers

Licenses For Cash

A recent news story in Overdrive, an online news source for the trucking industry, reports that Department of Transportation employees in Utah and Michigan have been charged in connection with accepting bribes in exchange for issuing commercial driver's licenses to drivers who had not passed the requisite tests.

In the Utah case, a man was charged in March for falsely certifying that an applicant for a CDL license passed the road test when, in fact, the applicant drove over multiple curbs during the test. The accused accepted a $150 bribe for the passing score.

Meanwhile, two former DOT employees in Michigan pleaded guilty to forgery and bribery for their roles in a CDL fraud scheme. According to the Online story, the two former DOT officials took more than $4,000 in cash bribes in return for falsifying documents stating that CDL applicants had passed CDL skills tests when they had not.

According to the Online story, the fraud scheme resulted in the Michigan Secretary of State invalidating 85 CDL tests. The affected drivers were required to retest in order to have their CDL driving privileges restored.

Why Experienced Injury Lawyers Are Important

It is unlikely that these are isolated incidents. Commercial truck drivers, whether legally licensed or not, break laws regularly. When they do, and when it results in an accident that causes serious injury, they and their employers should be held accountable.

Of course, a trucking company is unlikely to admit violating federal regulations. That's why it is critical to enlist the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury law firm like Rehm, Bennett & Moore if you or a loved one is seriously injured in a truck accident, or if a loved one is killed in an accident involving a commercial vehicle.

These personal injury cases require extensive investigation in order to build the type of strong case that will maximize the amount you recover. Truck accidents can change people's lives. When they do, it is important to hold the negligent party responsible so the victim does not suffer financially.

Safety preparations for the start of motorcycle riding season

Spring can be an exciting time of the year for many individuals here in Nebraska. This includes motorcycle enthusiasts. The improved temperatures spring generally brings with it allow the motorcycle riding season to begin in earnest.

Now, there are various things it can be important for motorcycle riders to not forget in the midst of the excitement of getting to regularly take their bike on the roads again. This includes how important making safety preparations can be at the start of the riding season.

Pedestrian fatalities rising in Nebraska, U.S. as a whole

It appears that, in recent years, more and more pedestrians have been losing their lives out on the roads here in Nebraska and throughout the country.

Some preliminary estimates recently came out regarding pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. in 2016. According to these estimates, the U.S. saw nearly 6,000 such deaths that year.

Which Nebraska county sees the most auto fatalities?

Just as states can vary in how many traffic fatalities they see, so too can counties. A recent analysis came up with a list of which county in each state is the deadliest when it comes to traffic accidents.

The analysis looked at traffic fatality data going from 2000 to 2015 in coming up with this list. In determining which county held the top spot for traffic fatalities in each state, the analysis looked at fatality totals rather than fatality rate. Given this, the list leans towards more heavily populated counties.

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