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When cars hit pedestrians, brain injuries sometimes result

A person is just walking along when, suddenly, a car hits them and forever alters their life. This is unfortunately an experience that some pedestrians here in Nebraska end up being subjected to. A wide range of different types of negligent behavior by drivers can expose pedestrians to such a situation.

Pedestrians generally have little protecting their head. Given this, brain injuries are among the life-changing injuries that pedestrian accidents can see a particularly high amount of, compared to other traffic crashes.

Drowsy driving’s toll in Nebraska

Many things can pose significant dangers out on Nebraska’s roads. Among these are drivers taking to, or staying out on, the roads when drowsy.

State statistics indicate that 1,453 accidents involving drowsy/asleep drivers were reported in the state between 2010 and 2014. This includes nearly 700 injury-causing accidents and 11 fatal crashes.

Study: Young drivers have particularly high crash rates

When a person is hit by another vehicle when out driving, the injuries coming out of the crash could have all sorts of impacts for them. Sometimes, these impacts are immediately noticeable. Other times, they take awhile to present and become apparent. Thus, when a person is hurt in a car accident, even if they initially feel their injuries are only minor, speaking to a skilled car crash lawyer can be important. Such attorneys can advise individuals on the compensation issues related to their accident, and help them with tailoring their approach to these issues to the specific circumstances of their crash.

Some traffic crash victims are hurt in accidents involving teen drivers. Younger drivers can be particularly likely to be involved in motor vehicle crashes, particularly this time of year. This can be seen in statistics coming from AAA.

Keeping the kids safe over the summer

As the summer season is starting, many kids are preparing for all the summertime fun they will be having. Parents may want to make their own preparations over this time. This includes preparing for how they will keep their kids safe during summer activities.

There are various injury risks kids can be exposed to during the summer. Below are some examples of common summer activities that child safety risks can arise in and safety steps parents can take in relation to such activities:

Summer Driving Is Not Hazard-Free

Tough driving conditions due to hazardous weather are typically associated with the winter months, but summertime brings its own set of hazards on the road - some weather related and some not.

A number of insurance providers issue warnings about what to beware of while driving in warm-weather months. Here are some of the more common risks:

Surprise vehicle inspections in Lincoln found many violations

Many things can impact traffic safety in a region. This includes how safe of a condition the trucks that are on the region's roads are in. A recent set of surprise commercial vehicle inspections performed in Lincoln found quite a few safety shortcomings.

The inspections were conducted by state police on May 16. In total, 100 inspections were conducted in the city. The inspections were aimed at commercial motor vehicles that likely do not regularly encounter weigh stations.

Software problem leads to pickup truck recall

Computers have come to play a bigger and bigger role in cars. So, a car’s safety isn’t just affected by its physical aspects, but also by what software it has. Just like mechanical defects, defects in a motor vehicle’s software could potentially pose safety risks for those in the vehicle.

A software problem is a behind a recent major auto recall here in the United States. The recall is by Fiat Chrysler and it is of certain Dodge Ram pickup trucks. Included among the recalled vehicles are certain model years of the Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500. Around a million pickup trucks in the U.S. fall under this recall, along with some in foreign countries.

Will Self-Driving Trucks Make Us All Safer?

For all the discussion and debate about the advent of driverless cars, industry experts agree that driverless trucks are more likely to hit U.S. highways first, fueled by corporate America’s interest in cutting labor costs.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, Mercedes Benz introduced its “Vision Van,” a windowless delivery vehicle (except for the windshield) that uses mechanical arms and a drone to get packages to recipients’ doorsteps.

Dog bite prevention tips parents can give their kids

Among the things kids may encounter when playing outside are neighborhood dogs. Many kids love dogs, and may have a strong desire to pet dogs they come across. While petting dogs can be an enjoyable activity, it can also have its safety risks, even in relation to dogs a child knows well.

For example, sometimes dog bites come out of an attempt to pet a dog. It is estimated that the U.S. sees around 4.7 million dog bites a year, with over half of the victims of such bites being children under 13. Children can suffer particularly severe injuries from dog bites.

Rain poses safety challenges for motorcyclists

Among the things that can pose safety challenges for motorcyclists out on the roads are poor weather conditions. For example, rain can create a range of difficulties for motorcyclists. It could reduce a motorcyclist’s visibility, cut down how visible a motorcyclist is to others and create some very slippery road conditions.

There are steps motorcyclists can take in response to the special safety issues raised by rain. Among the things motorcyclists can do to try to stay safe on rainy roads include:

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