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Federal grants and promoting safety in trucking

How safe truck drivers and companies act has major impacts out on the roads. There are a range of measures that the federal government takes aimed at promoting safety within this industry. One is putting regulations on trucking.

U.S. safety regulations on trucking are complex and cover many different subjects. The fact that trucking has this special network of federal rules is among the things that can create unique issues in personal injury cases involving large trucks. How the added levels of complexity that can be present in truck accident cases are handled can have major ramifications for victims of truck crashes who are seeking compensation for injuries. So, when a person has been hurt in a truck accident, they may want a knowledgeable truck crash attorney’s help with navigating compensation matters.

State patrol engaging in education efforts on teen driver safety

It is not uncommon for auto accidents here in Nebraska to involve teen drivers. According to state authorities, around one out of every five reportable traffic accidents last year involved a teen driver. This is despite the fact that only 7 percent of the state’s driving population are teens.

Traffic accidents involving teen drivers can have major consequences. They can cause teen drivers to suffer serious injuries. Also, sometimes, the actions teen drivers take leading up to or during an auto accident lead to other individuals getting severely hurt.

U.S. gets bad grades in walkability report

How is the U.S. doing when it comes to walkability? A recent report suggests it is doing rather poorly.

The report was by an advisory panel that the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance set up. In the report, America was given letter grades for various factors relating to walkable communities and walking.

Study looks at truck safety technologies

When a person is hurt in a crash involving a big rig truck, the period following the accident could be a very challenging one. For one, the injuries coming out of such accidents can be incredibly severe, and can have major ramifications for a person and their everyday life. Also, the legal issues related to truck crashes can be quite complex, which may cause a truck accident victim to worry about whether getting fair compensation will be possible. Skilled truck accident attorneys understand the challenges that can come up in connection to truck crashes and can provide victims of such accidents with strong and compassionate guidance throughout the process of pursuing just compensation for injuries they suffered.

The U.S. sees hundreds of thousands of big rig crashes a year. Given the major consequences that can come out of such accidents, an important question is: What can be done to reduce such crashes? A recent AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study points to truck safety technologies having the potential to help with this.

Biking precautions could help avoid accidents

Facing serious hazards on the roadways can affect any traveler. However, bicyclists who travel on or near roads may face greater risks due to the lack of protection their mode of transportation provides. If a vehicle strikes you while biking, you could suffer serious, if not fatal, injuries that could greatly impact your life and the lives of your family.

In order to increase your safety on the road, you could take certain steps in hopes of preparing for the potential dangers you could face. Some actions, such as wearing a helmet, may seem obvious, but by considering the following suggestions, you may discover a safety measure you had not previously considered.

How common are fatal auto accidents in Nebraska?

Motor vehicle accidents vary greatly in their consequences. Some have deadly results. How common are fatal traffic accidents? A recent Lincoln Journal Star article gave statistics on this for the different states. The statistics included the average number of traffic deaths per every 100,000 residents per year for each of the states. These rates were based off of federal traffic death data from 2000 to 2015.

Nebraska’s rate was 13.53 auto fatalities per every 100,000 residents per year.

Many drivers think they can safely text while driving

Sometimes, a person’s views of their own abilities don’t reflect reality. One situation in which such a disconnect can be quite harmful is when a person is driving. If a person assumes they are a better and more responsible driver than they actually are, they could potentially pose a major danger to others, including motorcyclists who share the roads with them.

When a motorcyclist is hurt as a result of poor decisions a driver made, compensation issues can have considerable impacts on their efforts to put their life back in order in the wake of the effects of their injury. So, when addressing such issues, having quality legal representation can be crucial for motorcycle crash victims.

Keeping game days safe out on Nebraska roads

College football season is now underway. For some in the Lincoln area and beyond, this means a chance to attend some of the Cornhuskers’ home games. Now, in the midst of all the excitement such games bring, it can be important for football fans to not forget to give traffic safety appropriate attention when to going to and from games.

Big sporting events, such as major college football games, can bring a lot of traffic into an area. Higher levels of traffic can raise unique safety considerations when driving. Acting irresponsibly in high traffic situations can have particularly severe ramifications. For one, it could lead to crashes where many are injured.

Should classes regarding teen driver safety be required for parents?

Just because teens are young doesn’t mean the decisions they make don’t have big impacts. There are some places where how teens act can have truly major effects. Among these places are the roads. Unsafe decisions by teens behind the wheel could have all kinds of significant consequences.

Such consequences could include serious injuries to others. Individuals injured by teen drivers, like other motor vehicle accident victims, can seek out guidance from skilled personal injury lawyers regarding what legal claims they may be able to pursue related to their injuries.

Many important issues can come up following a car crash

Car accidents can be full of chaos. The time following such a crash can also feel very chaotic for the accident’s victims. There can be many different matters that come up for a person in the wake of being harmed in a Nebraska auto crash. This includes matters related to car repairs, getting appropriate medical care and insurance claims.

A car accident victim can end facing a lot of decisions related to such matters in a rather short amount of time. One thing that can add to the daunting nature of facing so many decisions is the fact that what happens with such decisions can have major implications for a person’s future. This includes their future financial situation, health situation and overall well-being.

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